The Art of Conversation (Design)

Duration: 25 mins
Amy Cleary
Lead Experience Designer, Symplicit

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Please try rephrasing your question” is not a sentence that is ordinarily exchanged between people face to face. And yet, this is the phrase that usually makes us shut down that chatbot window.

For all the hype about chatbots and voice assistants, why aren’t they doing literally everything for us yet? Or even just answering a basic question correctly?

With tools like NLP, and ever increasing tech tools at our disposal, it is easy to forget that we need to carefully engineer the conversation for a successful and engaging user experience.

Through exploring the concepts of storytelling, conversational maxims, and best practice interaction design, Amy will outline the do’s and don’ts of designing a conversational user interface - from use case decisions, to error management, and everything in between.

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