Practical Natural Language Processing with Python Workshop

Duration: 180 mins
Dipanjan Sarkar
Data Science Lead, Applied Materials

Being specialized in domains like computer vision and natural language processing is no longer a luxury but a necessity which is expected of any data scientist in today’s fast-paced world!

With a hands-on and interactive approach, we will understand essential concepts in NLP along with extensive case- studies and hands-on examples to master state-of-the-art tools, techniques and frameworks for actually applying NLP to solve real- world problems. We will leverage machine learning, deep learning and deep transfer learning to solve some popular tasks in NLP including the following:

  • Introduction to NLP
    • Basics
    • POS Tagging
    • NER
    • Text Wrangling
  • Text Representation
    • Traditional Statistical Models – BOW, TFIDF
    • Embedding Models
  • NLP Applications
    • Text Similarity Content Recommenders
    • Topic Modeling
    • Text Summarization (Extractive & Abstractive)
    • Text Classification (ML, DNN, CNN, LSTM, BERT)
    • Multi-Task NLP (Transformers)

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