ML Platform Challenges and Applications at Freshworks

Duration: 25 mins
Swaminathan Padmanabhan
Senior Director, Datascience

In this talk, we will start by describing the three major challenges faced by the Machine Learning team at Freshworks. This includes a) Multi-tenancy, b) Interpretability, and c) Multi-lingual ML models. Every ML feature or capability that we provide gets consumed by tens of thousands of our business customers, and in-turn by their end-users. We, therefore, design our ML systems to scale for millions of end-users, and every ML feature is managed like a portfolio. Our business customers span several diverse industries including Finance, retail, healthcare, real estate, and education; and their end-users speak various languages.

By attending this talk, you will understand value proposition that we have enabled for these businesses by leveraging AI to optimize their sales processes, revenue and customer LTVs. Our hope is you will be able to take these learnings back to using it at your work.

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