Data-driven Decision Making in Ad-Tech

Duration: 25 mins
Biddappa Muthappa
Manager, Data Science, MiQ

From looking for a new phone to deciding on what content one should work on Netflix, data-driven decision making has become an integral part of one’s existence. It is this data-driven decision making that has been at the forefront of driving the efficiency in digital advertising space and MIQ has since its inception taken pride in its ability to unlock actionable insights and using them to power some high performance campaigns with an aim to over deliver for our clients.

During this session, Biddappa will discuss the application of some key data science concepts in the ad-tech industry. He will debunk some common misconceptions about the ad-tech space and discuss the key ingredients for applying Machine learning concepts at scale. Taking MIQ’s ingenious data driven approach to solving some grueling industry challenges, this talk will highlight a data scientists’ approach to solving eclectic industry conundrums.

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