GIDS.Architecture: Software Architecture Reinvented

July 02-03, 06-10 | India, Singapore & Australia

GIDS.Cloud: Ride the Cloud with Confidence

Aug 06-07, 10-14 | India, Singapore & Australia

Live Panel: Keeping Pace with Java's New Moves

Aug 25 | India, Singapore & Australia
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GIDS.Java: Marching to a New Beat

Sep 03-04, 07-11 | India, Singapore & Australia

Virtual Workshop: Architecture: The Hard Parts

Sep 10 | India, Singapore & Australia
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GIDS.Web: Keep Pace with the Evolving Web

Oct 01-02, 05-09 | India, Singapore & Australia


Nathaniel Schutta

Architect as a Service

Jonathan Johnson

Independent Software Architect

Neal Ford

Software Architect, ThoughtWorks

Paris Buttfield-Addison

Co-founder, Secret Lab

Raju Gandhi

Founder, DefMacro Software

Scott Davis

Principal Engineer, ThoughtWorks

Siddha Ganju

Self-driving Architect, NVIDIA

Thomas Endres

Partner, TNG Consulting

Venkat Subramaniam

Founder, Agile Developer, Inc

Heather VanCura

Director of the JCP Program

Mark Richards

Founder, DeveloperToArchitect.com

Rohit Bhardwaj

Senior Architect, Cloud-native Expert in cloud-native solutions

Dalia Abo Sheasha

Software Engineer, IBM

Sharat Chander

Director, Java Platform Product Management & Developer Relations Oracle, Corp

James Weaver

Quantum Developer Advocate, IBM

Rafal Leszko

Coder, Speaker, Writer, Blogger

Kenneth Kousen

Founder, KousenIT

Sebastian Daschner

Lead Developer Advocate, IBM

Joel Lord

Developer Advocate, Red Hat

Ken Sipe

Cloud Solution Architect

Simon Ritter

Deputy CTO, Azul Systems

Nikhil Nanivadekar

Senior Principal Architect, BNY Mellon

Igor Braga

Software Developer, IBM

Phil Nash

Developer Evangelist, Twilio

Brian Sletten

Forward Leaning Software Engineer

Jaime Lopez

Developer Advocate, Jack Henry & Associates

Ananth Gundabattula

Senior Architect, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Andy Marks

Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Sualeh Fatehi

Senior Software Engineer & Dev Manager

Mary Grygleski

Developer Advocate, IBM

Steve Poole

DevOps Practitioner

Ruchi Motial-Suri

Founder, Success Culture

Mala Gupta

Developer Advocate, JetBrains

Stuart Marks

Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Corp.

Peter Jausovec

Consulting Solutions Architect, Oracle

Aaron Parrecki

Oauth Expert

Eldar Marcussen

Cybersecurity Specialist

Tamas Piros

Director, Full Stack Training

Michael Hyatt

Solutions Architect, Elastic Software

Tansel Ersavas

Deep Learning Expert

Nicolas Frankel

Developer Advocate, Hazelcast

Babneet Singh

Java Runtime Developer

Martin Förtsch

Principal Consultant, TNG Technology Consulting

Grace Jansen

Developer Advocate, IBM

Paul King

Principal Software Engineer & Groovy Lead, OCI

Amy Cleary

Lead Experience Designer, Symplicit

Aimee Forsstrom

Principal Engineer

Gireesh Punathil

Node.js Technical Steering Committee Member

Vipin Menon

Level 3 Engineer IBM Software Labs

Harshu Deshpande

Country Lead, Slalom Build

Nikos Katirtzis

Software Engineer, Hotels.com

Daniel Albuquerque

Software Engineer, Expedia

Achintya Gupta

AI Engineer, Nissan Digital

Mike Amundsen

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Advisor at Amundsen.com

Simon Gerber

Engineering Manager, Prospection

Kate Stanley

Software Engineer, IBM

Jamie Coleman

Technical Evangelist, IBM

Marc Hildenbrand

Developer Advocate, Red Hat

James Ward

Developer Advocate, Google

David Anderson

Training Lead, Ververica

Jack Lu

Java Runtime Developer

Ivar Grimstad

Jakarta EE Developer Advocate

David Delabassee

Developer Advocate, Oracle

Tim Hingston

Frontend Team Lead, Apollo GraphQL

Rhiana Heath

Software Engineer, Blake eLearning

Heather Downing

Senior Developer Advocate, Okta

Kate Illsley

Senior Consultant, Method Recruitment

Oleh Dokuka

Reactor Guru, Netifi Inc.

Vanya Seth

Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Devangana Khokhar

Lead Data Scientist, ThoughtWorks

Luke Metcalfe

Data Scientist, Microburbs

Noon van der Silk

Director, Braneshop

Dipanjan Sarkar

Data Science Lead, Applied Materials

Laura Bell

CEO, SafeStack

Sherwood Zern

Consulting Solution Architect, Oracle Corporation

Todd Sharp

Developer Advocate, Oracle

Janani Sriram

Senior Manager - Data Science, Bain & Co.

Thomas Thurston

Partner, WR Hambrecht Ventures

Kate Wardin

Senior Engineering Manager, Target Corporation

Noopur Gupta

Member, Eclipse Architecture Council

Sarah Taraporewalla

Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Pooja Subramaniam

Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Archanaa Ravikumar

Lead Engineer, BCG Digital Ventures

Leena S N

Founder, Good Karma

Sonal Goyal

Founder & CEO, Nube Technologies

Brianna McCullough

Infrastructure Program Manager, Google

Maria Lamardo

Frontend Engineer, Pendo.io

Ranga Kanapathy

Head of Engineering and India Technology Center, Altimetrik

Casie Siekman

Software Engineer & Instructor, Prime Digital Academy

Albina Iskhakova

Senior Director of Engineering, Transact Campus Inc

Stephanie Sherriff

Senior Software Engineer, Spaceship

Baruch Sadogursky

Head of Developer Relations - JFrog, Inc.

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate (DevSecOps) - JFrog, Inc.

Melissa McKay

Developer Advocate - JFrog, Inc.

Kat Cosgrove

Developer Advocate - JFrog, Inc.

Daniel Steinberg

Storyteller at Dim Sum Thinking

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